Week One- National Youth Theatre

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This post isn’t anything fancy but just an update to how my first week at the National Youth Theatre has been. I’ve been a member for 2 years now and this year I get to perform in their yearly performance! This meant spending three weeks in London with 85 NYT members and then finally getting to perform on the Shaftesbury Theatre stage. To say I wasn’t excited was an understatement and if you’ve been following my Instagram Story that you will have seen what goes on in our breaks and my time around London. 

Start of the week came with ball game introductions and cardio workouts that made my legs ache afterwards and although I do so much exercise I hate cardio with a burning passion. Other ways to get us pumped were volleyballs games which was great to see everyone getting competitive and rowdy. Then came a lip sync battle with BeyoncĂ© and Eminem and people brought it. Think Rupaul’s Drag Race with loads of people running in and battling it out. 

After that we’d work on scripts and monologues, with people going for mini singing  and dancing auditions. Before that I sat down and I wasn’t going to go to the singing audition but someone managed to convince me to go and do it. I can sing but I’m not a confident singer and when I’m going up against amazing singers or trained singers I just say sat there thinking can I walk out, is it too late to do that? We were given a list of songs and the one I know well enough was ‘back to life’, so I got up to do my song in front of the the group and panic kicked in slightly, my breathing went all over the place and I lost the line I was on. I found my line and got everyone to clap and join in with the words. I think I can be honest with myself and say I wasn’t ready to sing in front of 1300 people on the show night. Then came the dance casting and we were given an amazing dance to learn step by step in around 30 mins. Two words, absolute mess. I went home so dishearted because I know I can dance, I may not be professionally trained but I can dance and I know I can learn dances but I just needed a bit more time, especially for a jazz dance. I’m not going to lie after those two incidents I wondered why I was here after all I felt slightly useless. 
After conversations with my loved ones I remembered I came here to perform with the National Youth Theatre on the Shaftsbury Theatre stage and I didn’t think we had inner castings but we did and I may not have got those parts but I came for a reason and I’m more than happy with that because I was picked out of so many so I obviously was good enough. 

The next two weeks are going to be hard and intense with songs, monologues and choreography to be learnt as well as evening rehearsal. To see what goes on follow my Instagram to see my Instagram Story. 


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