The Travel Report- London

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As a busy person it is hard to sit still, especially as I’ve been rehearsing all week but spending three weeks in London I had a list of the things I wanted to do. The weather has been good which meant I wanted to take my time and enjoy myself, also my body thanked me for slowing down a bit. So this weekend I have relaxed but still managed to get out and explore. Here are places I would recommend eating at and places to visit if you have a bit of time.

Regents Park

Its seems a sunny day is wasted if you can’t get outside and enjoy the weather and I went to visit the Queen Mary’s Gardens which is so beautiful and a great place to sit and read. After exploring the bridges and rose gardens (which had unusual and entertaining names given to them) I sat at the bottom opposite a fountain and learnt a monologue. I tried to see the Open Air Theatre but I couldn’t get in and unfortunately I’ll be busy for the rest of the week. However if you love theatre and the weather is good then I would think that this setting would be amazing to watch a performance.

V&A Museum

Of course museums are a great place to visit and it’s a free thing to do in London, so to spend a few hours in the Fashion exhibit was great. The exhibition was a journey from the past to present and how far we have come with styles, shapes and comfort. If you like fashion and want to learn then definitely check this out. I really came to museum to check out the ‘Undressed, A Brief History of Underwear’; when I was in college the first time I studied lingerie and created a portfolio of work for my Textiles coursework. This exhibition shows examples of lingerie through the ages, how body enhancers have developed, how lingerie has become more risqué and worn as outwear and of course, beautiful lingerie sets. I walked away wanting to go on a shopping spree for lingerie, so I think it’s safe to say the exhibition was exciting and inspiring. Unfortunately photographs weren’t allowed so I can’t show you but it was nice to concentrate and take it all.

Peggy Porschen

All I can say is wow! This place is supposedly the most Instagrammed café in London and if that is true I can see why. The building is truly beautiful and the pink stands out in the street, if the decoration wasn’t enough then the delicious cakes are worth going for. I sat there enjoying the world passing by with a cup of tea and a Victoria sponge, once I was finished I went back inside to buy cupcakes for later on. I am gutted that I have only just visited but then again it’s probably I good thing. Seriously this place is worth visiting and it won’t disappoint.

Restaurants- Arabica/ Sake No Hana

One thing I’ve noticed in London is the amount of sushi/ Lebanese restaurants, I don’t know if it’s because I’m going to areas where they are popular but there seems to be so many! If you head over to Borough Market then definitely check out Arabica. This Lebanese restaurant is like a Tapas so you can order many dishes to try out and as for a sushi restaurant then I recommend Sake No Hana. This restaurant is pricey so be prepared to pay but if you want delicious sushi then head here. Set in the Mayfair area it a great location to head out for drinks and a dance straight after.

Electric Diner

Last weekend I went to visit Portobello Road and it was buzzing. Compared to the last time I visited where the streets were pretty much empty. For drinks head over to the Electric Diner which is literally next to the Electric Cinema, which looks so beautiful inside and I really want to see a film there. So head over to see what films they are showing and the interior décor which will transport you.

I’m going to be very upset when I leave London because I love it. I love the fast pace, the fact that there is so much to do and how easy things seem compared to where I live. So I’ll be counting down the days till I’m next here.



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