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As we grow into adults we think the world becomes smaller and that we can handle anything life throws at us. We try to be strong and try to do it all by ourselves but to our parents we are still their little babies. I love sitting down and having chats with my parents because they have so much advice that you need to be reminded of and I definitely needed it. Imagine trying in so many ways to achieve goals and nothing seems to be happening or looking around and thinking what your next move is. With planning my trip to Thailand for my scuba diving stunt category, then wondering what my next acting job, being told to take it easy on my ankle so I’ve not been training but being impatient can have the side effects of the fun being taken out of everything. Overwhelming to read? Now think how I’ve felt recently.

In the rat race it is the words from loved ones that keep you grounded and positive and that’s why I wanted to share what my parents told me that day. As I have said before that both my parents inspire me and together they are a power couple, so why wouldn’t I want to share their words of wisdom, mixed in with my own:



1# Have fun

It seems as I’m trying to pave my way I forgot to have fun and the reason as to why I started. With any job that is easy but like any relationship it takes work. We spend so much time, effort, money and tears in some cases invested in our careers so it really is like a relationship.

2# Don’t block out your loved ones

Naturally you can turn on the ones closest because deep down you know they will be there and perhaps it’s because we try to do everything by ourselves. However talking to them makes the world seem less lonely.

3# Don’t go through life with blinkers on

Maybe this comes with age but as youngsters we are so determined to reach our goals it can be easy to miss opportunities. My dad’s explanation was the table we were sat at- “if you’re so focused on the chair opposite you, you have probably missed the other chairs which could offer something”.

4# Don’t beat yourself up

Those who know me know that I like perfection. I can get irritated when something isn’t quite up to scratch and some may see this as a good thing whereas others a fault. I guess it depends on the situation but I’m still learning that it’s ok if it’s not perfect.

5# Take time out

I once read that in a moment of stress, take time out. The world can cope without you for two minutes whilst you gather your thoughts. Although my trip to Thailand is for something, I actually cannot wait to relax and gather my thoughts.

If you have any advice that loved ones have told you then please share them. Someone reading will always relate to them. Comment below!


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