Belle of the Ball- October

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Since coming back from London I’ve been planning my trip to Thailand! I’m so excited but it seems I’m nowhere near prepared. Between planning posts, working my butt off and training, getting dressed up has been low on my list. Thank god for chunky knitted jumpers because I’ve been living in those. I guess I’m getting my dose of autumn before I head for a month in the sun and sea. I can’t wait to go because by the time I’ve returned I would have ticked a stunt category off my list but when it comes to scuba diving it all depends on how I wake up on the day. Should I think of it in that way? Is that like putting out a negative thought and when it goes bad the universe tells me “well you did put it out there”. Being there for a month should give me plenty of time to complete it. When I come back I will be a Dive Master which makes me happy and excited because I will have achieved so much more than the qualification. However back to today’s post, being in chunky knits and minimal make-up for weeks I was more than happy to put together this outfit. I love show stopping skirts! They give you more freedom than a dress because they can be styled in different ways and when the skirt is nowhere near the price you expected then what’s not to love? This skirt is truly beautiful that I bought it in pink too, that post will be on its way. When styling the skirt up I was influenced by the current Victorian trends. Lace fabric and high necks were on the catwalk and I love mixing textures when it comes to all black outfits, as it adds details. I hope you enjoy this post!






Get the look

Skirt:Boohoo,  Top: ZARA Old Similar, Heels: Ego Shoes( Nearly sold out) also Love these,  Clutch: H&M old Similar

How would you style this outfit? Let me know by commenting below!



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