Dream Big

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When it comes to dreams, people start thinking about them from a young age and then life hits you, so those dreams become distant memories. I once read that a dream is a wish the heart makes and it is so true. Nowadays, it can be frustrating having to explain yourself to people and how you are pursuing something you really want, especially if people have let go of their dreams. The thing is no one should ever stop you from going after what you want. Unfortunately acting is one of those professions that people tend to have a similar opinion on and people tend to fall into two categories, the believers and the non-believers. I’ve heard it plenty of times; “have you got an age where you want to give it up?” or “you have to think about when to settle down”. The funny thing is, the people that have said this to me have no idea about the industry and just see what is on the screens. They forget that in their career they had obstacles to overcome and days when they didn’t see the end of the tunnel but the difference with my profession is that a lot of people think of it as just a dream. For them the ultimate goal is fame and that speaks success and the word dream can sound blasé and not taken seriously. Dreams create hope and determination and without our dreams and desires we wouldn’t be different from eachother.  So next time someone questions your dreams, ask yourself “why can’t you be that one in a million that makes their dream come true?”


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