Hello 2017!

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Happy New Year to all my readers and followers, firstly a huge thank you because I do enjoy blogging and all your comments in the last year make it worth while. Over the festive period I’ve been thinking and before the new year I was preparing for 2017, so this year I plan to do more and I can’t wait to take you on the journey. So if I’ve got plans set in stone then you should too! So are tips to kick start your January and get yourself ready for the rest of the year.

Create a vision board for your year ahead.

My vision for this year is to get as many stunt catergories done, also I want to finally get onto Spotlight- a huge site for people in the acting industry. So I created a vision board that is popped up in my room. Vision boards can be a collage on your phone and can be used as a phone wallpaper. It a great way to see your goals.

2# Reevaluate & clear out

I’ve had family members stay with me over the festive period and the other day my cousin saw my shoe collection and she couldn’t believe her eyes. I have so much stuff and my new year’s resolution is to wear more of my wardrobe. It is true that I forget sometimes and seeing my wardrobe everyday I forget that I have great pieces. So refresh your memory with this post HERE on how to get the most out of your wardrobe. Some things have seen better days so I plan to have a clear out and that means every cupboard and draw in my room. It doesn’t just stop at clothes but paperwork, books etc. 

3# Positive Reminders & Rewards

I am a strong believer that when you do well you have to reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be big nor expensive but sometimes life can get ontop and it’s through rewards and celebrations that you remember why you started something. So remember that!

4# Social Media who?

My relationship with social media is love and hate one. Only till around two years ago did I actually make an effort but even now I have to remind myself. That being said it is easy to keep scrolling and before you know it 20 minutes has passed! Also try not to get down over social media and peoples’ lives on it because not everything is what it seems. My post about the curse of social media is a great read so definitely check that out HERE. A social media motto to live by…Get busy living or get busy stalking.  

5# Enjoy yourself

Material things get replaced, memories don’t. Make a list of things that have nothing to do with your goals or your work life and do them. Have you always wanted to do something and never had the time or money? Makes dates and stick to them and if it requires money, then set money aside from now and keep saving.

What do you want to achieve this year and do you have any tips for the new year. Let me know by commenting below! 

Photo cred: inspired life diary 


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