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You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quieter on my blog but between working hard, hitting targets and a silly little cold that won’t shift,  I just couldn’t find the time but I’m glad that I didn’t post till now. A couple of weeks ago I had a post planned about body image but I couldn’t quite get across what I wanted to say. Something was off about the post, it didn’t feel right so I was going to scrap it, until I went to do a job on Monday and I got talking to the photographer who shoots my headshots. We spoke about project and jobs and then one particular topic that I wanted to talk about two weeks ago in that post. For those of you that have followed my blog from day one then you know that I’m training for the stunt register and you have had a glimpse into the training. I say glimpse because I haven’t actually told you about the hours that you have to put in and I definitely need to up my game this year! Would you believe me if I told you that last week I went rock climbing three times for three hours each time?

In a world where body images and messages are everywhere telling you this or that is beautiful,  it’s confusing! I’ve always been petite and I’ve got an athletic physic. In one magazine article my body shape was The Celery… It did make me laugh.  Since training I’ve noticed more changes and I know they will only get more and more noticeable. For example some people will see changes in my legs or shoulder, whereas others will ask if I’ve eaten and dismiss the fact that I train. So how does this apply socially? For me, when I first started I was thinking about how my muscles would grow on my petite body and how my clothes would look. After training for a bit I’ve realised our bodies are made for so much more than we realise and they can take so much! With all the training I do I’m going to use muscles I never knew I had and muscles I have now will get more toned. So far I can only see changed in photographs, I know which poses make me look bigger and which don’t. As time goes on then I can talk about that and show people that muscles can look great in anything and it’s not the body that makes you feminine. I hear people say girls shouldn’t have big muscles because they aren’t nice to look at and women should look feminine. I say who cares when you’re learning to kick ass for the screen they’ll be watching.

How do you feel about girls with muscles ? If you’re training then how do you feel about your body training? Let me know by commenting below!


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