D.I.Y Headshots

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So I recently uploaded my headshots and I had people asking how I did them; which is great that people liked them enough so they could also try it a home. A couple of years ago I cut my hair short and now its growing out, meaning I need to update my headshots but doing them frequently can be expensive for actors. So with my camera I set up and got shooting, sure they’re not a professional quality but they’re good enough for now. With my trusty camera, a bit of patience I had fun shooting my own headshots. So today’s post is all about doing your headshots at home.

1# Camera

For good quality you need a professional camera and the lens that comes with it isn’t going to give that really blurring background. It will to an extent but after a year I bought the Canon 50 mm lens, which is the lens that all the bloggers use for that blurry background. This lens is great for portraits because it does make your photographs look professional. I bought my camera after months of wanting it so when I bought it, it was reduced because it was the display model and they didn’t have anymore. If you don’t mind then it’s a great way of saving on an investment piece.

The camera comes with a remote control to focus but my doesn’t work so I went back to basics with good old self timer. Most cameras come with a self timer which is great to focus and run into shot but I noticed after doing that  I wasn’t focused because I wasn’t stood in the right spot…So introducing my new friend Henry the Hippo and a selfie stick. Yep, I focused on the teddy and ran to where it was.img_8718


2# Set up

You’ll hear it time and time again that natural lighting is the best which means stand outside or in front on a window. So when I take photographs for my blog I always stand in front of a window and if I’m photographing products then again I try to do it in natural light.


3# Background

The background is also important, I stood in front of a door and I didn’t want that to be seen, so I used white clothes with soft fabric. You can pick different colours until you find the right one. Here are other examples of clothes being used as a background and depending on what you want to achieve you can play around with them. Most headshots are 8×10,so by turning the camera on its side you can create a portrait angle which means you won’t see too much of the background. For products I love using different backgrounds and I use anything that will look good. Patterned paper, wooden surfaces and even white plain backgrounds work well!


I hope this helps any of you wanting to shoot your own headshots and even if you’re not an actor there are plenty of companies that upload photographs of their team. So maybe this will help you with some tips!


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