Stunt Training- Rock Climbing 

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Since the new year I’ve been training non stop for another sport in the Strength & Agility category, which is rock climbing.  I did start at the end of last year but being in London for the National Youth Theatre and Thailand, I decided to start properly this year. Like every other category it’s not plain sailing which means in order to complete this category I need to achieve the Single Pitch Award (SPA). I enjoy all the training that I have to do but with rock climbing I feel at ease. Challenged but at ease. It makes me wonder why I’ve never done it before!

So every week I’ve been going to an indoor climbing centre and trying out the walls. So far I’ve been doing well and managed to climb up to a 6b. In rock climbing the higher the number the more difficult the climb and the grading starts at 1 then subdivided into A, B, C. I’ve been getting as much practice in and sometimes that means going three times a week and trust me time passes by quickly, so you can be there for hours. My next steps are to volunteer with group work, get climbing outside and book on the SPA training course. It’s time to set my next goals!


If you’ve never been rock climbing then I highly recommend going. You’ll have fun and once you’ve overcome climbs you think you can’t do, you’ll feel on top of the world!

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