Fashion Challenge Review


A month ago I set myself two challenges, the career one got cut short and I’ll be doing that one for another month but the fashion one was fun to do. Setting challenges at the start of the new year is great to kick start motivation and fashion challenges are a great way to save a few pennies in the harder months. My challenge was to not wear the same thing  twice excluding accessories, coats and shoes, although I tried to do that too. Turns out I didn’t need 30 days because there were days I didn’t go out and days I’d be working with set clothes so I didn’t have to worry. This challenge is a great way to get use out of your wardrobe and it makes you realise that it’s just about mixing and matching and remembering what you have. If you need more motivation for a challenge then check out my previous challenge ‘Cold Turkey Review’  & ‘How to get use out of your wardrobe’. All the outfits I’ve worn are easy to copy, so if you ever have an off day then just take inspiration! If you haven’t got a specific item, for example leather trousers then you can wear black jeans.


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