Product of the Week- Beauty & the Beast L’Oréal

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Major Disney fan alert! My product of the week are these beauties that L’Oréal have made in release of the new Beauty and the Beast film. Both the film and the lipstick have been released and like a true fan I’ve spent my money supporting both. Anyone that knows me knows Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie ever and the new film didn’t disappoint. I may have shed a tear and had a little sing along with my inner voice, however back to these I just had to have them! The collection features colours that can be worn during the day and night and all of them are beautiful tones but the real beauty is in the packaging. They look too good to use! Belle is a warm tone red, the Beast is a deep brown, Lumière is a light brown, Cogsworth is an orange with a sheen of gold and trust me the photograph does not do it justice. Mrs Potts a very girly pink, Fifi the feather duster is a deep purple and last but not least is The Enchanted Rose which I don’t have. All in good time though.

I am simply in love with them and they are good quality. They glide on easily as well as the colour lasting for a while but more exciting news is that one of these lipstick will be included in a giveaway I’ll be doing very soon. So keep a look out in the coming weeks!

Beauty- Belle2beauty- beastbeauty- lumierebeauty- mrs pottsbeauty- cogsworth

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