Unconventional Scarf

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I love being creative and making things and when those things work out then I love creativity even more. So this weekend I got creative with a scarf; turning it into a top and channelling a little Studio 54 or Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. Who said they can only be worn around your neck? I love scarves worn as tops and I love backless clothing even more so this is a winner in my book. Lightweight scarves are perfect for the warmer months and with a soft luxurious fabric it will look expensive but nowhere near the cost!

It seems getting creative with a scarf  isn’t the only thing I’ve been trying out, I’ve been doing a little writing too. As an actress you have ideas and you want showcase your ideas as well as your talent, so I’m hoping to do something with the pieces I’ve written up. To be honest I’m hoping the stories are going to be as funny as I found them. Like I said inspiration comes from anywhere and last week I attended a comedy workshop/casting audition. I didn’t get any of the main roles but I wasn’t too fussed because I learnt a lot and I walked away with exciting ideas.  So in a negative there is a positive, you just have to look for it. scarf diyIMG_9631Untitled-1

What I’m wearing- H&M Scarf for top, similar Miss Pap earrings

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