On Wednesdays We Wear Pink


If you haven’t seen the trends yet then let me help you out with the colour of the season. Women have a love hate relationship with pink, some love the pastel shade but don’t like how bold fuchsia is and vice versa, whereas some women love pink no matter the shade. To be honest my opinion of pink depends on what the clothing looks like. I love girly pieces and a lot of people think I’m younger than I am and although that’s great I do need to consciously reign in the looks that can look too childish. Last New Years I made the resolution to tone down the really girly outfit and make more of an effort with my hair. I have off days where I’ll shove my hair up with little effort or I can’t resist a cute little outfit but other days I’m on top form both with my hair and clothes and I actually look my age! When I saw this dress, it just jumped at at me. It’s perfect for summer nights and another plus, it’s inexpensive. Teaming it up with a colourful pair of heels and a perspex clutch doesn’t draw attention away from the dress, so that’s how you know it’s one for the wardrobe.

What I’m wearing-Boohoo dress, heels(worn are old from Primark), Boohoo clutch,

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