Out With The Old- Decluttering My Wardrobe

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This month has got me spring cleaning in more ways than one. There is a great feeling when you get rid of old things or things that you no longer enjoy and perhaps they can be loved again by someone else. This past weekend I spent every morning clearing out my drawers and wardrobe, that may seem like a lot of time but that included taking photographs of items to sell. For now here are some tips on how to help you do a spring clean.

1# Go in ruthless– I’m not kidding either. If you can’t be then get someone who is to help out.

2# Enjoy it– I made myself a tea and listened to the Serial Podcast. A great one to listen to and make the time less boring.

3# The ‘year’ rule– Personally I don’t stick to this rule because I’ve had items in my wardrobe I’ve not worn in a year but they still come out after the year. However if you know deep down inside you won’t wear it then get rid.

4# ‘I will when I’ve got to my ideal weight’ rule– Scrap this, like seriously. Once you’ve lost or gained the weight you might not love the item anymore. Plus new trends will have come about and once you’ve reached your ideal weight you’ll want to buy new clothes to show off your new figure.

5# Empty out your wardrobe or drawers before you start. That way everything you keep goes back neatly and you won’t miss anything that has been lost underneath everything else.

6#   KEEP, ALTER, GET RID & SELL– all you clothes should fall into these catergories.
Keep if you will wear it, alter if you will get it alter, get rid of the clothes that are still in good condition to charity and if its ruined or damaged throw it. Last but not least anything you can be bothered to sell take photographs and start selling. If you know you won’t have to time to do this or you know you won’t ever do it then just get rid.

7# The questions you should ask are– Is it in fashion? Do I feel amazing in it? Can someone else get enjoyment out of it? Will I ever wear it again?

Remember be ruthless.IMG_1850

spring clean.jpg 2.jpgimage1 (2)spring clean

If you have any tips for decluttering then let me and my readers know by commenting below!

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