3 Accessories for Spring

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The other day I was eating with my friends and I said that ‘I’m really into natural accessories at the moment’, my friend replied that only a blogger would say that and we laughed. Is that how we speak? However it’s so true! I’m loving natural textures and accessories and they make me want to go away on holiday very soon. I’ve noticed brands are big on tropical print and it’s one of my favourites. I am yet to find that perfect tropical two piece without the Dolce & Gabbana price tag. So in the meantime this headscarf is perfect to put in my hair or on my bag. Headscarves are great for bad hair days or if you’re waiting to go the hairdressers for your roots. As for the bag, I instantly fell in love but it sold out everywhere so I was waiting and waiting, turns out I found it cheaper and available straight away from Bohemia Design. The perfect summer bag or beach bag! The earrings are the cutest and biggest I’ve ever tried on but I can’t wait to style these up; they’re very Hollywood starlet in Capri circa 1950s. An extravagant description for an extravagant pair of earrings.

shopper basketshopper basket 23 accessories

What I’m wearing: Bohemia Design Shopper Bag, ZARA Scarf, Mango Floral Earrings

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