White & Lace


It’s official, this weekend I’m putting my chunky knits away and opting for lighter clothes. Sure if it gets chilly or rains then I’ll layer up, that way I actually use my clothes for spring/summer. As well as using clothes I already have, new items make you feel good and it’s always great to update your wardrobe. Although I am gutted because a few years ago I got rid of a similar top to this one. Do you ever feel that nothing should be thrown out incase it comes back in fashion? Let’s be honest it always does… For this lace top, it’s easy to throw on some jeans and sandals which I will do but I chose an all white outfit to show how it can be worn to an event and what doesn’t scream summer outfit than tan and nude accessories and of course my new love, the natural textured earrings.IMG_2455white lace

What I’m wearing: Miss Guided Trousers, Mango Lace Top, Mango Earrings, Miss guided clutch, ZARA nude heels


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