Gold Trousers & Friends Talk


Saturday night ended with a conversation with my friend and what started as a fashion advice phone call actually turned into a little therapy session, nothing heavy. As you get older your style does change, there is always a time when you look back and you think ‘I used to love how I dressed at that time’. It seems me and my friend were looking back at a particular time when our dress sense represented us and we loved it. It was tailored, we worked at ZARA and we were ZARA girls, just like some girls are Topshop girls or Miss Guided girls. We reminisced about what we loved and where we thought it changed. We spoke about our jobs, break ups, days out we have planned and how to dress for your body shape; you can always count on your friends for good conversations no matter what time of the day it is.  My friend mentioned how her style had become more casual and with me the same. Through injuries I want comfort, shockingly sportswear catches my eye, different trends are in fashion and the fact I’ve outgrown certain looks has made my style less formal.  However my love for beautiful pieces will never fade so these metallic tailored trousers will take their place in my wardrobe. As for my friend she went out and bought a couple of blazers and shirts but she’s still on the hunt for a summer printed dress. Hopefully this Saturday she’ll take her blazer out on the town and I’ll take my metallic trousers.

gold trousers 2gold trousers

What I’m wearing: ASOS Shirt, ZARA trousers, ZARA Heels

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