Exotic Chic

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Bralets are a brilliant item to style up or down, for this outfit I chose to style it up in a chic way and it made me feel like I should be sipping a cocktail abroad, by the sea and definely not working! Everyone around me is getting ready for their holidays and oh my has wanderlust kicked in. I am going away in September but it can not come soon enough and I’ll be in shorts, t-shirts and wetsuits so I guess my outfits are to be worn here in England. This bralet is actually part of a co-ord but I had to break it up I added these ivory trousers. They came in Tall so being petite I added extra high heels, a plus was that they weren’t fitted so they were extra comfy.

This week I started back at gymnastics and I properly started the trampoline category AND I didn’t fall off the motorbike in my riding lesson. So all is well in training! As for the acting I’ve needed a bit of a kick up the butt because I’ve been slacking. Motivation can be hard to find when you don’t feel inspired but it’s not far around the corner…

exotic vibesIMG_2963

Riverisland Bralet, ASOS Trousers, Forever 21 Earrings, Whistles Clutch


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