Dusty Green

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Last week was my birthday and my friends and family laughed about getting a year older. Apparently turning 25 brings a whole set of age jokes. Looking back over the year I didn’t achieve all the things and goals I wanted to do but I have had fun. Did I expect to deal with the setbacks or big changes life threw at me, no but I rolled with the punches. Somehow… Yesterday I got my CBT motorbike license and this month I’m preparing for my trip back to Thailand. How time has flown by! In fact this month is a busy one for me, from training to stage combat workshops, audition workshop and work in general, I’ll probably welcome the relaxing scuba dives. As for the rest of my twenties, me and my friend promised many things like travelling more, kicking ass in our careers but of course the occasional bad decision to laugh about in the future.


What I’m wearing- NA-KD Co-ord set, ASOS Blazer, Topshop Heels, Necklace from a boutique in Notting Hill.

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