Tonal Grey


Well the weather hasn’t been great this summer but recently it has changed. Autumn is my favourite season of the year but I’ll miss a month of it and whilst I’ll be featuring outfits for the cold days I can’t seem to let go of short sleeves, so you’ll see a few more on my blog before I submerge myself in A/W trends. With September comes a fresh start feeling which is odd because it’s children that have a new start with year ahead at school but starting this month off with a long holiday isn’t so bad right? Next week I’ll be heading out to Thailand to finish off my PADI Divemaster and every inch of me is excited to get this category done. It will feel amazing after so long to tick off another category and by achieving this it will help me refocus. However becoming a Divemaster isn’t just a career goal but a personal goal. I wrote a blog post when I first started scuba diving; how I suffered my first ever panic attack trying to complete a small task, how I had to practice every day at the pool for weeks, how I cried numerous times on the way home because I felt useless at it and a fear that clouded my mind so I didn’t think I could do it. Fast forward to 18 months later and that fear that I’ve had since a little girl has started to slowly slip away and like anything, practice, hard work and self belief have allowed that to happen. It’s still a work in progress but who would have thought eventually I will supervise other people scuba diving. As the t-shirt says ‘ You Go Girl’. TONAL GREYIMG_3769

What I’m Wearing: NA-KD T-shirt, Topshop Jeans, ZARA Bag(old) Similar HerePublic Desire Heels.

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