Sister Talk: Grey Accents

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My sister was showing me her purchases and like any sister I eyed up what I liked and she even said “you can wear this for your blog”. Note for the blog and not out and about but we’re like any other sisters, we share eachothers wardrobe. I wore this shirt out, even though it was a ‘blog’ shirt I just couldn’t resist wearing something of hers. I’m consistent like that. Believe me, there have been plenty of times that I’ve looked for something and I’ve given up knowing she’s out wearing it. Using her wardrobe basically means I have one big wardrobe. It’s great. In fact her clothes have been seen on TV more than mine have, she was pleased to know that. I originally planned this outfit with a leather mini skirt but change of plan and I wore the shirt with jeans. I felt so comfy even though I wore heels but that aside, can I just talk about this beautiful bag from Pieces. It looks expensive, it felt expensive but it’s not. Keeper. Walking in mesh heels seems to be a new obsession because I’m loving them at the moment and for a shoe girl I’m shocked I’ve never owned a pair before!

How’s scuba diving in Koh Tao going you might ask? Well it’s going great, although I haven’t been in the sea much. I’ve been working away in the pool getting ready to assist on open water courses and general learning around the dive centre. Being back in the sea when I did manage to get a chance was amazing. First dive I went on I got to see pink clown fish and sea anemone that stretched as far as I could see. Diving in Koh Tao is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to get a few more fun dives in whilst I’m here. I’m trying new foods and getting to enjoy the night life more than I did last year. So overall I’m enjoying myself. As for the autumn outfits I’m showcasing, I hope you enjoy them and they’re inspiring you!

grey outfitIMG_3946IMG_3950

What I’m wearing: ZARA shirt, ASOS jeans, Pieces Bag, Public Desire, Marc Jacobs Watch, Necklace

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