Khaki Textures

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Nothing says autumn like khaki and this outfit was just perfect to wear when I was in the UK. When it comes to wearing an outfit with one colour I think it’s a chic idea to mix the textures, it works for an all black outfit so it would work for any other colour.  The high waisted skirt and cropped jacket are a perfect match because it still shows the waist and doesn’t hide the body shape. For petite me it’s actually great, anything to keep me looking in proportion is a tick in my book. The body and shoes are nude to keep the khaki in focus and as for beauty, what is a khaki outfit if it’s not finished with a wine coloured lipstick?

I’ve been away for two weeks and I’ve hit my halfway point, I’ve been assisting and completing swimming tests with a night dive thrown in. One of my favourite things from the night dive is the swim back to the boat. You can just lie back and float on the BCD whilst looking at the stars. Call me a romanatic or maybe it’s just the actress in me thinking I’m in a movie. Either way silence, stars and a relaxing swim back is a moment to cherish. What’s even better, is not having a camera or a phone to capture it and that’s how some memories should be. 


What I’m Wearing: Miss Guided SkirtJacket, Topshop Body- Similar HERE ,Aldo Heels

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