Officially A Divemaster


These past few weeks, I’ve been slowly and I do mean slowly getting back into the swing of things which is odd seeing as the industry will start to quieten down in time for Christmas. My holiday blues have continued a lot longer that I had even realised, in fact it was my brother who made me aware. Although it is monsoon season over in Thailand and the water hasn’t been great to dive in, I do miss it. On Sunday night the third episode of Blue Planet was shown on TV and I sat there naming the fish and telling my family how I’d seen so much of what was being shown. What was meant to be a month away turned into six weeks of diving, new experiences and meeting people that opened my eyes even more. The free spirits who travel and want to see more, the people that had 9-5 jobs and packed up to find a calmer and more fulfilling life in paradise. Compared to last year I thoroughly enjoyed my time this year. I worked everyday trying to get my Divemaster done and that did mean some 6 am starts! Those that have followed my blog, I can finally say I’ve done it. I am officially a Divemaster! I may not take up the instructor qualification because it’s not needed for the stunt register but who knows in the future. From the girl that shot to the surface of the pool and had a panic attack at the start of the Open Water Course to diving 30 metres under and assisting others. I am proud of myself, usually it’s polite to smile when people congratulate you and you don’t want to brag but to hell with it…I’m joining the other team and patting myself on the back for achieving the qualification and if you’ve achieved something too, then tell everybody. Working had for what you want should be celebrated and boasted about. As for the photograph below, I’m not one to flash my body but this was taken on a naked dive and is a tradition for the 100th dive. So not only was my Divemaster an achievement, so was this photograph.

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