Calling An End To 2017

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How quickly has this year gone by!? It seems crazy that this is my last post of 2017 and just after this weekend we’ll be welcoming the new year. 2017 has been a wonderful year for me and that’s not because I’ve done the most extravagant of things but because overall it was a fun year. Sure I’ve been away and experienced things I’ve never done before but this year was fantastic because I remembered to have fun which can sometimes be forgotten. Especially when we focus so hard on our journeys to reach our goals. My relationships have deepened with people I’ve known for so long. People who were friends or people I knew are some of those who I can call my closet of friends and new people whom I’ve met made me realise that there are those special individuals that exist.

In 2018 I will continue to have my fun attitude and continue to work and train hard towards my goals and career. Nothing will ever be too big that I can’t turn to the people I love for support and I will always look for the good in people even if I’m disappointed. Sometimes it’s not about a new year, new you. Sometimes it’s about taking what you have and bettering it. Living for that moment and know that new memories will be created. To all my readers, I hope you see 2017 end with fun and of course an outfit that does the celebration justice…More importantly I hope you welcome 2018 with fun, confidence and love.

IMG_9946nye 2nye

Look one: Nadine Merabi Jumpsuit, Miss Pap Earrings

IMG_4836nye 3Untitled-2

Look two: French Connection Dress, Public Desire Heels, Blue Ribbon for the waist, Accessorize Clutch

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