Creativity Bug

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This is the first post I’ve written in 2018, can you believe it!? As a creative person it’s inevitable that inspiration and creativity take a back seat sometimes and to be honest I just didn’t feel like writing. This blog was created as my outlet for my creativity especially in the industry where you get told where to stand, what to wear for example. So trying to find that inspiration is hard especially as I had so much fun creating ideas before 2017 ended. The first few months of this year I’ve spent countless hours watching Netflix and looking at pointless and useless things on my phone but then came a trip to Cyprus for a wedding and there I found the creativity bug again! An idea I’ve had for a while was pushed to the front of my mind and I’ve been researching since. Any creative knows the joy when it comes back. Trying to force creativity is useless because when you do come up with something then it really does feel constrained. So I just stopped trying and decided to wait. Now it’s back I’ve been looking at my usual sources of inspiration, social media not being one of them. Although I haven’t been silent on social media I have made a deliberate attempt to step back; enjoying company without putting everything online, working on jobs without posting what it is I’m doing and just generally enjoying myself. Something I promised to continue into 2018. We’re only a few months into the new year and I’ve already experienced many memories and my time going forward will be busy as I finally prepare to move to London!

For those of you that feel you have come to the wall that stands in the way of your creative ideas, the time will pass and it will come back. Try not to force it and if time isn’t on your side then try something new until it does return. Some walls are made to be climbed, right?


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