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30 Day Challenges

I love challenges and it seems the new year has motivated me to start new ones.  Apparently I’m not the only one too, my friend and her colleague are challenging themselves to give up sugar which is a very hard but a great challenge to do. Trust I’ve been there and it was an experience. So I’ve set myself two

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Dad’s Advice

As we grow into adults we think the world becomes smaller and that we can handle anything life throws at us. We try to be strong and try to do it all by ourselves but to our parents we are still their little babies. I love sitting down and having chats with my parents because

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Meeting New People

  With the holiday season fast approaching you may find your diary has a few parties or events and with this comes meeting new people. Some find meeting new people a daunting experience and get nervous whilst others take it in their stride. When I’m at work I know I’ll meet new people and very

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