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The Travel Report- London

  As a busy person it is hard to sit still, especially as I’ve been rehearsing all week but spending three weeks in London I had a list of the things I wanted to do. The weather has been good which meant I wanted to take my time and enjoy myself, also my body thanked

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London Calling

For my pre-birthday celebrations I wondered where to go, I originally decided to go to an outdoor film screening but they had sold out. My next option was to check out Secret Cinema. Ever since hearing about this event I have wanted to go. It was such an amazing experience that it really does need

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The Chic Escape- London

Last weekend I stayed in London for a few days, I had an audition but a few days away are always nice. London is fast paced and constantly on the go and its home to some of the best museums, great restaurant and world famous tourist attractions. I’m usually down for an exhibition, playing tour

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