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Out With The Old- Decluttering My Wardrobe

This month has got me spring cleaning in more ways than one. There is a great feeling when you get rid of old things or things that you no longer enjoy and perhaps they can be loved again by someone else. This past weekend I spent every morning clearing out my drawers and wardrobe, that

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Fashion Challenge Review

A month ago I set myself two challenges, the career one got cut short and I’ll be doing that one for another month but the fashion one was fun to do. Setting challenges at the start of the new year is great to kick start motivation and fashion challenges are a great way to save a few

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How To Get Use Out Of Your Wardrobe

I had another post planned for today but this morning my dad was getting rid of a few clothes in his wardrobe and I guess it inspired me to do this post instead. We have all found ourselves looking in our wardrobe and feel we have nothing to wear. Even though it is bulging! So

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