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Suits & Converse

Oh look it’s Gabriella in a suit and pair Converse! Guilty of this combination yet again but I just love it! Suits are my favourite but I don’t want them to look too coporate when I’m out and about, so pairing then up with Converse just keeps things a little more casual. Keeping with consistency

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Gold Trousers & Friends Talk

Saturday night ended with a conversation with my friend and what started as a fashion advice phone call actually turned into a little therapy session, nothing heavy. As you get older your style does change, there is always a time when you look back and you think ‘I used to love how I dressed at that time’.

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How To Promote Yourself- Spotlight Conference

The weekend just past I attended a conference hosted by Spotlight. Spotlight is an online casting website where actors, agents, casting directors and jobs are listed. I am not a member but my agent recommended going and I enjoyed myself. I learnt something new as well as refreshing my memory on other things. I ended

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